The Time Is Now

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“The time is now” is a saying that was and is still used as somewhat of a motto at my high school. If I was walking through the halls in school and saw the assistant principal (who also happened to be an intimidating drill sergeant), he would look at me and in an intimidating fashion ask: “Mr. Bowen, what time is it?” I would then confidently respond, “the time is now,” and he would nod his head in approval and continue on whatever tirade he was on.

I never really gave it much thought then, but essentially this phrase says don’t put off for tomorrow what you can (and should!) get done today.

I can look back at the stupid decisions I have made in my life, but I can’t change any of them. I can look out to what God has in store for me in the future, but I can really only guess. All I can do is to live my life now, make my decisions on what I know now, and plan today for whatever tomorrow may bring.

The time is now to stop spending more than you make.
The time is now to cut up those credit cards.
The time is now to build an emergency fund.
The time is now to pay down that debt.
The time is now to save for retirement (start your compound interest now!)
The time is now to tell that special someone you love them.
The time is now…

If you put it off for tomorrow when will the time to do it be?


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