Los Angeles $40 Date Night Challenge

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Congratulations to Matt and Emily for winning the Dallas $40 Date Night Challenge! You can read their winning write-up Here!

For this $40 Date Night Challenge we will put 4 couples from the city of angels up against each other. The rules are very similar to last time. I challenged them with the set of rules below, they did a write-up, and now you vote on the winner to win CASH!

I’m actually surprised to see that in a city as large and diverse as LA, two couples ended up visiting the same place. I’d say that’s a good sign that the restaurant/bar is pretty good!

I’m also surprised to see that one person blatantly broke 2 of the rules…but I’m not in the business of disqualifying, and the writeup was done well. I will let you all determine that via votes.

Here are the rules as presented to those who accepted:

  1. The date night must include dinner, drinking, and entertainment
  2. Dinner cannot be at a national restaurant chain, local chains are OK. Don’t eat at home.
  3. Entertainment cannot be bowling or a movie
  4. Drinks (yes alcohol) must be purchased, not brought, and not shared
  5. Transportation costs (gas, parking, train, etc…) do not need to be included in the $40.00
  6. Yes, a date is 2 people
  7. If you use a gift card the amount spent still counts towards the $40
  8. Take pictures
  9. This isn’t a “who you know” night, so while we all love free stuff and “hook-ups” if you use them, account for what the normal cost would be out of your $40
  10. Taxes don’t count in the $40
  11. Coupons are allowed and encouraged if you have them

The links for the write ups and voting are below. The voting will be open for 10 days from today.

Be sure to read all of the Los Angeles $40 Date Night Challenges before voting, so check them out below!

Who had the best Los Angeles $40 Date Night?

  • Natalie and Damien (59%, 30 Votes)
  • Greg and Anna (35%, 18 Votes)
  • Randy and Ashley (6%, 3 Votes)
  • Chris (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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  1. Martha mendoza

    Dear Natalie and Damien, great job and I hope you win.

    Love MARTHA.

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