Don’t Worry About “It”

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There are always two choices: to worry about “it” or to work towards “it.”

When you work towards something you shift your energy from worrying to preparing, and in the course of that preparation answers and guidance are found in the strangest places. Lately, in my own preparations, I’ve been finding answers and guidance everywhere I look; from a podcast, to the person next to me on the airplane, to a former boss. Because of this guidance I feel like I’m being pulled in a direction that will ultimately help me conquer what I would otherwise be worrying about.

Preparation can mean anything to anyone but regardless of what it is you do, the “it” is on your mind in a positive way, and when it is on your mind in a positive way your perspective changes. When your perspective changes everything around you changes and how you react to the things around you changes. Improved perspective and the other changes lead to the answers you are looking.

So stop worrying about it and you might just figure it all out.

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  1. Jessica

    Matthew Chapter 6!