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Who do I want my son’s role models to be?

Lately this question has been bugging me because it’s honestly kind of hard to think of some. I understand that no one is perfect, but when I look around I can’t help but skeptically think of what a potential role model’s dirty laundry is and when it will be front page “news.”

Maybe it’s because I always think of Mayberry when I think of my parents growing up, but I imagine that for my parents and grandparents generations it was pretty easy to look around to find a role model. One might think that with technology and our interconnectedness it would be even easier to find a role model today, but sadly it seems to be the opposite.

Scandal spreads faster than good deeds and actions, sports heroes are suspended for steroids and bounty programs, our most viewed TV shows celebrate infidelity, and we make news out of tearing people down. This is the reality of the world we live in.

It’s our turn.

The predicament of not finding suitable role models has led me to a realization; when you look around and don’t see any role models you have an obligation to become one. Whether in work, sports, or everyday life, it should be your goal to become a role model.

Role models don’t have to be famous athletes, entertainers or politicians, they just have to stand for something and be a positive influence on the people around them. So fill the void and become a role model, not just for your kids (or future kids), but for everyone around you; after all, role models aren’t just for kids.

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  1. Jessica

    Ever seen the comedy Role Models? It is about two energy drink salesmen who have to perform community service as punishment for various offenses. They work at a program that pairs kids with adult role models. I see a “budget friendly” redbox movie night in your future! : >